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11 Best Types of Ear Piercings: Chart, Style & Costs

Ear piercing is more like a trend or symbol of fashion than a tradition nowadays.

Back in the day, we do not have that many options for ear piercing that we have seen now. That means ear-piercing evolves with time.

And we have a ton of options to choose from now; we have cartilage piercing, Conch Piercing, Tragus piercings, and many more.

And now we have ear piercing organizations who have piercing experts because modern piercing requires excellent skills, modern tools.

Or antibiotic ointments than standard ear lobe piercing.

Types of Ear Piercings

In the past, there is only basic earlobe piercing or single piercing, which is the actual tradition.

But now it moulds its shape from common piercings to the coolest piercing trends. Now there are many types of great ear piercings You name it, and you have it. Some of their types are mention below:-

Types of Ear Piercings

Top 11 Types Ear Piercings

Here we have the list of some of the most versatile or voguish types of piercings, which is up to the mark:-

Industrial Piercing

 Industrial ear piercing requires piercings on the upper cartilage of the ear. After doing piercing, a long bar is inserted through these piercings.

It is very eye-catching piercing, and people have different styles of industrial bars on their upper cartilage, and they all look astonishing.

Industrial Piercing

Transverse Lobe Piercing

In transverse lobe piercing, we have piercings at the lower ear lobe. It requires two piercing side by side rather than standard ear lobe piercing.

A hollow needle is utilized for transverse piercing; the professional piercer marks the entry or exit point of the needle at the lower ear lobe.

After that, a needle is inserted from the outer edge, pushed through the inner edge of the ear lobe, then jewelry is inserted into these piercings.

Transverse Lobe Piercing

Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing achieve by drilling two holes into the inner cartilage of the ear. It is like a hoop the holds the cartilage inside your ear.

Its location is quite awkward. But it reminds us why we have the Association of Professional Pierce’s.

Daith Piercing

Cartilage Piercing

According to Maria Tash(who is the owner of many piercing stores), cartilage piercing is those piercing types where tissues of the ear are more stiff or hard.

Many popular ear piercings are types of cartilage piercing. Some of the ear cartilage piercing names are mention below:-

  • HelixRook
  • Tragus
  • Earhead
  • Daith
  • Conch
Cartilage Piercing

Orbital Piercing

Orbital Piercing requires two holes on the same part of the ear. That is the most straightforward answer for that type of piercing.

There are many types of orbital piercing, and every style is graceful or adaptable. Orbital piercing is mainly done at the ear lobe.

But it can also be seen in ear cartilage.

Orbital Piercing

Helix Piercing

Helix piercing is done on the upper cartilage of the ear. That kind of piercing is in high demand nowadays.

And people want two or three-helix piercing instead of one.

Helix Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing is done in the opposite direction of the helix piercing. It is done in the forward outer rim of the cartilage.

Which is at the top front of the ear. Stud earrings are the most favorite or preferred ones for a forward helix piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing

Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is captivating and looks good with different earrings. But it is quite painful and challenging to achieve

Because some people have a small tragus, due to which piercing is very difficult to accomplish on that part of the ear.

The outer edge of the ear canal is the tragus; due to its location, piercing on that area is quite painful.

Tragus Piercing

Snug Piercing

Snug piercing is done at the location of anti-helix piercings. It is the inner rim of the ear cartilage, and it is considered one of the most painful ear piercings.

Snug piercing preferred jewelry includes traditional tragus jewelry or classic barbells, but you can also wear hoops and rings.

Snug Piercing

Conch Piercing

The conch piercing is done in the middle part of the ear cartilage. Some people wear bezel studs in conch, and they all look adorable.

Conch Piercing

Rook Piercing

Rook piercing shows the evolution of ear piercing that how it evolves from superficial ear lobe piercing to different combinations of ear piercings.

The rook piercing is done at the inner ridge of the ear, and it shows the versatility of the piercing professionals.

Rook Piercing

Hybrid Types of Ear Piercings

There are many combinations of ear piercing now. As the piercing trends are changing so fast.

Sometimes it is difficult for piercing professionals to recommend the best combination for piercing.

So when you go to any piercing store, they show you the piercing chart from which you can choose the most suitable combination of piercing for you.

Here we have a list of some of the most popular combinations of ear piercings.

Single lobe + Daith + Helix

That kind of combination of piercing is spectacular. And if you know what assortment of jewelry you have to wear with these piercings

It makes your ear more eye-catching.

Single lobe + Daith + Helix

Flat + Triple lobe

As the fashion keeps changing, superficial ear lobe to flat or triple earlobe also evolves.

Now people want more combinations of ear piercing to wear more jewelry or look versatile.

Flat + Triple lobe

Single lobe + Industrial

Single lobe or industrial ear piercing combo looks attractive. The industrial ear piercing is always eye-catching,

But a simple lobe piercing added more beauty to it. That piercing combination is impressive, and you must try that for sure.

Single lobe + Industrial

Conch + Double helix + Single lobe

When it comes to triple piercings combination, there are a ton of options for that.

And honestly, speaking majority of them are up to the mark. But if you want triple ear piercings and cannot decide which combination to try,

We suggest you conch, double helix, or single lobe combination.

Conch + Double helix + Single lobe

If you like hoops, then that combination is ideal for you. Moreover, the conch added a bit of profundity to your creativity.

And obviously, single lobe piercings can go with any combination of piercings.

Triple Lobe + Conch

That combo of ear piercing looks clean, and it is best for those people who do not want to wear too much jewelry but still look voguish.

You can wear any style of earrings with that combination, and they all look captivating and stylish.

Triple Lobe + Conch:-

Triple Lobe

Triple lobe is the most adapted piercing trend; some of the biggest celebrities’ names are on the list of triple lobe piercings.

Jennifer Lawrence’s, Bella Hadid, Sienna Miller, even Scarlett Johansson were included in the list.

That shows triple lobe popularity, or it is trending now.

Triple Lobe

Conch + Helix + Flat

If you do not want piercing in your lower ear, then that combination is for you.

That piercing placement is one the most popular piercing, and if you wear hoops with them, they look pleasing.

But it is quite painful piercing compare to lobe piercing, but that is worth it when you see the results.

Conch + Helix + Flat

Tragus + Helix + Flat

The beauty of that combination is its simplicity. If you want something very simple or glamorous without being ostentatious, then that type of ear piercing is made for you.

That simple ear piercing combination shows that you can make your ear look beautiful if you choose the right placement for them.

Tragus + Helix + Flat

Double lobe + Double forward helix

If you want something very different or unique, then you can give a try to that combination of piercings.

And if you get the right piercing jewelry to wear, that took it to another level.

Double lobe + Double forward helix

But keep one thing in your mind the healing process for forward helix takes up to 3 to 6 months, and it is quite painful.

But if you can handle the pain factor, then you must give it a try.

Tragus + Daith + Triple lobe

If you are tired of your standard lobe piercing and want something that looks edgy or having a cool factor, then that combination of ear piercing can fulfill your desire.

That is one of the most incredible ear piercings combinations.

They might look access piercing at first, but choosing the suitable piercing placements or jewelry makes it look classy.

Tragus + Daith + Triple lobe

How to Get Prepare for Ear Piercing?

Before you get an ear piercing, you have to keep few things in your mind. It is essential to know about the outcomes of ear piercings

And what you should do if things do not go as planned. Although ear piercing is a common thing, almost the majority of people do that (especially females).

But you should not ignore the necessary precautions; you have to keep few points in your mind while you go for ear piercing.

  • Piercing services you are using have a good reputation like their doctors must have clean hands and sterilize tools or piercing kits.
  • Make sure that your stud earrings are correctly sterilized.
  • Must-listen aftercare instructions or follow aftercare protocols of ear piercing.
  • In case of an allergic reaction or symptoms of infections, concern your doctor immediately.

Which Cartilage Piercing Should I Get?

When it comes to cartilage piercing, there are so many options to choose from; that’s why sometimes it is tough to decide which cartilage piercing is the best.

According to the piercing specialists or people’s opinions, Helix piercing is the first option for cartilage piercing.

You can either have a double helix or triple helix; that’s up to you.

Which Cartilage Piercing Should I Get?

But that does not stop there, according to Brian Keith Thompson, who is not only the piercing expert but also the one who pierced Beyoncé.

According to him, Daith piercings or Rook piercing are the favorite ones now.

So it is totally up to you that which type of cartilage piercing is suitable for you.

What is the Most Painful Ear Piercing?

The most painful ear piercing is cartilage piercings because the tissues on the ear cartilage are much more rigid than the earlobe,

Making these types of piercing very painful.

But if we go more specific in cartilage piercing, industrial piercing is considered the most painful piercing.

The reason for that is you have to make two cartilage piercings, the one in the upper helix and the other one in the opposite direction.

Moreover, snug piercing is also considered one of the most painful piercing; on pain level, it scores 9 out of 10.

Moreover, the recovery time for cartilage piercing is much more than the earlobe piercing. Roughly it would take 4 to 6 months for full recovery,

But sometimes it goes to 12 months, depending upon the type of cartilage piercing.

How Much Have Ear Piercings Cost?

The ear-piercing cost is variable depending upon the type of piercing or the piercing studios.

But according to some reputed piercing studios, the average price for earlobe piercing is 20 to 50$ dollars.

But if you go for some complex cartilage piercings, it might cost you between 45 to 85$ dollars for a single piercing.

How Much Have Ear Piercings Cost?

How to Pierce Your Own Ear?

While piercing at home is not recommended for many reasons, from which the top of the list is a risk of severe infection,

If you do not want to go to an expert/professional, you can follow that simple routine for piercing your ear. Have a look on ear piercing chart.

But if you are not an adult, then don’t do that. Because if things go wrong, you have to face the devastating outcomes of that.

The first thing you have to do is to clean your hands with some good soap.

  • Make sure before you are setting up for the piercing, you must have clean and dry hands.
  • Then clean your earlobe or where ever you want to pierce in your ear, with alcohol swabs.
  • Use a marker to mark the piercing placement.
  • Get a clean, sterile piercing needle; if you don’t have that, you can use a safety pin but make sure to clean it with anti-bac.
  • Pick your sterile piercing earrings.
  • Then again, sterilize the needle with an open flame.
  • Put something sturdy behind your ear before you do piercing.
  • Pick the needle and stick it through your ear.
  • Then, put the earring in your piercing.
  • It would take 1 to 6 weeks to completely heal.

How to Clean Ear Piercing?

You can follow the following precautions to avoid any infection while the healing process:-

How to Clean Ear Piercing?
  • You can also use isopropyl alcohol for the cleaning process.
  • You can apply antibiotic ointment.
  • Make sure your hands are clean while you are doing that to avoid any risk of infection.

Final Thoughts on Types of Ear Piercing

When we look at the ear-piercing now, there are so many options that make it challenging to choose one.

Maybe that was the reason why the majority of the women do not stop at single piercing because they have so many unique options, then how can they rely on a single piercing.

But whatever piercing you choose, make sure you never repent on your decision.

In the end, we hope you get some of the most fabulous ideas for your next piercing.

We try our best to provide you all the trending information related to piercings in this short article.

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