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How to Unclog Ear? Tips for Clogged Outer & Middle Ear

That is the most common question on the internet that how to pop my ears?

Or how to unclog my ear. It is the most frequent issue with the majority of the people, but mostly it is seen in children’s.

But before we get deeper into that, first, we understand the reason behind that.

What Causes a Clogged Ear?

The stuffy ears problem can be an irritating problem for a person. Every person can get prone to ear infections due to a cold environment.

The clogged ears produce irritation and put a brake on the daily activities of a person. There can be a lot of stimulating factors behind ear problems.

How to Unclog Ear

However, the following are some factors that can be the root causes of the clogged ears:

  • Excessive earwax in the ear canal
  • Otitis media
  • Water retention within the ear
  • Inflammation due to sinus infection
  • Skin reaction and allergy toward cosmetics
  • Changing Altitude changes pressure

However, the excessive use of earbuds results in blockage of the Eustachian tube due to sweating in the ear.

Furthermore, the mucus can get stuck in the middle ear parts and clog the ear canal instead of flowing down the throat.

Resultantly, an infection produces after this blockage accompanied by the common cold, sinusitis, or influenza.

All these problems need to be a focus for a healthy life.

Ways To Treat Clogged Ears

An ear infection is a common problem, which can arise due to any reason. Usually, the minor issues can be resolve by the home remedies

Like jaw exercise, chewing gum, gargling, irrigating ears with oil, swallowing, and yawning.

However, in some cases, the patient needs to consult a doctor immediately to resolve the issue through mediation.

What Are the Eustachian Tubes, And How Do They Get Blocked?

A Eustachian tube is a small pathway connecting your throat and the middle ear.

Whenever you are eating, swallowing, sneezing, or yawning, these tubes open. It maintains air pressure and fluid inside the ears.

However, due to various reasons, it might get blocked and generate a serious problem.

The blockage is also known as Eustachian tube dysfunction that causes muffling, earache, and feeling pressure or fullness.

What Causes Blocked Eustachian Tubes?

The tube blockage may arise due to fluid build-up inside the ears. Usually, a cold atmosphere and infectious allergies might be the reasons.

Children are probably prone to this infection than adults just because of an underdeveloped immune system and the shorter length and size of these tubes.

Causes Blocked Eustachian Tubes

Other reasons for mucous accumulation include smoking and obesity. Smoking damages the tiny hairs of the middle ear resulting in

Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Tips For a Clogged Middle Ear

Here are few tips that you can follow to unclog the middle ear:-

Valsalva Maneuver

It helps in open the Eustachian tube is also known as “popping your ears.” It works by adjusting the pressure, especially when there is a changing altitude.

You have to close your mouth and blow out by plugging your nose so that your cheeks get puff up.

Other ways to pop up your ears include Toynbee maneuver, Yawning, and Swallowing, etc.

Remember, never put too much pressure while blowing out your nose because it might harm your eardrum.

Nasal Spray Or Oral Decongestants

In case of nasal or sinus congestion, nasal spray or oral decongestants can be the best option if other home remedies are not working.

Usually, they are very effective as a preventive treatment for the problems, especially during a flight.

However, before using any nasal spray or oral decongestants, the patient needs to consult the physician

Because his medical history might prohibit using specific Nasal spray or oral decongestants.

Tips For a Clogged Outer Ear

Here are few tips that you can follow to unclog the outer ear:-

Tips For a Clogged Outer Ear

Mineral Oil

Mineral oils help in softening the earwax. It is a primitive and most commonly used home remedy for treating severe ear pain.

It would be best to warm it at a moderate temperature and put one to two drops inside the ears using an ear dropper.

Usually, Olive oil and baby oil are used for this purpose. The special ingredients and essence of oils help in treating the earache effectively.

Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide Ptic

Your ears can be irrigated with Hydrogen peroxide/ carbamide peroxide.

It would be best to have a bowl of warm water and add Hydrogen peroxide/ carbamide peroxide to it.

Then use an ear dropper to insert one or two drops inside your ears; the wax will get soften and be removed.

You can feel some fizzing, which can be overcome by keeping your head at a specific angle.

Over-The-Counter Ear Drops

Over-the-counter allergy medications (Antihistamines) help in getting rid of ear infections and irritation.

But, make sure to consult your doctor first before using this medication.

Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is the standard way to get rid of ear blockage.

After getting your earwax to soften by applying the remedies discussed above, irrigation would flush the extra wax out.

It is a simple method, can be tried at home easily.

Warm Compressor Steam

A warm compress over the ears relieves the pain by applying a warm washcloth, a heating pad, or taking a hot shower.

It would take just 5-10 minutes to get instant relief. The problem of a blocked nasal passage and fluid build-up can also be resolved to some extent.

Gargling Saltwater

Gargling through the mouth by using salt water can reduce the excess mucus of the nose and the ears.

Other options to clear up the ears may include: Nasal decongestant, but it is not recommended for more than a few consecutive days.

The nasal steroids drain out the fluid and relieve pressure. Moreover, consult your doctor first if you are suffering from any allergy

And if the symptoms last for more than two weeks of infection. 

Why does water get stuck in my ears after swimming?

Water retention problems or trapping within the ear may arise due to various reasons resulting in feeling pressure and fullness in the ears.

The problem may occur because of the narrow ear canal, ear wax build-up, or the presence of any foreign object with the ear.

Is It Risky When Water Stuck in Ears?

Water may get stuck in your ears for various reasons. Excessive use of earbuds may trap the sweat in the ears.

Carelessness can result in an infection known as the swimmer ear or Otitis Externa.

Is It Risky When Water Stuck in Ears?

This moist environment of the ear canal provides a healthy place for bacteria to grow, multiply and cause an ear infection.

The person may feel heaviness and a tickling sensation in his ear. If the infection prevails, it may extend to other places like the jawbone, nose, and throat.

The person may find troubling hearing, muffled sounds, or temporary hearing loss. Usually, water can remain stuck in a patient’s ear for some hours to 1-2 days.

When to Consult With the Doctor

There are several home remedies to treat the issues related to the clogged ears at home.

however, consulting a doctor or a medical professional can be very helpful in the speedy recovery of ear infections.

For example, middle ear infections and sinus infections both benefit significantly from similar prescriptions.

Similarly, suppose you suffer from an ear infection or a sinus infection. In that case, you may experience blockage of an ear or nasal passage.

Intense ear pain, excessive fluid or mucus drainage from the ear, a severe sore throat, dry coughing, sneezing, and temperature.

To avoid confusion, you need to consider other consecutive symptoms related to the specific infection.

Consult With the Doctor

You need to immediately consult a physician or a doctor if you are suffering from any of the following additional symptoms:

  • Severe ear pain
  • Temporary or permanent hearing loss
  • Feeling dizziness, Nausea, or vomiting
  • Excessive fluid or mucous discharge from the ear
  • Muffled hearing
  • Experiencing a ringing sound
  • Feeling fullness or ear pressure

However, these symptoms do not point out some risk of a critical issue. Your doctor may take a stance to adopt a specific way of action.

It also brings about several health issues like a stuffy nose and clogged ears.

People need to consult a doctor for clogged ears if the home remedies fail. If blocked ears accompany any of the following additional symptoms:

fever refusal to clear on own pain in the ear Loss of hearing cannot be unclogged.

The clogged feeling may be a result of an acoustic neuroma in some cases.

Final Advice to Unclog Ear

Ear problems are mainly Detected in Children with a family history of hearing loss, frequent ear infections

And various syndromes associated with hearing loss, delayed speech, and certain conditions or allergies causing hearing loss.

Negative pressure or an excessive fluid gets stuck in the middle ear result in ear canal blockage or Eustachian Tubes dysfunction.

Moreover, a clogged ear resulting from ear wax build-up is too much irritating at worst, a prelude to hearing loss.

Several home remedies prove much beneficial in sorting out this problem.

However, it is much better to consult a specialist in a critical situation to avoid the risk of permanent hearing loss.

The doctor may suggest some typical home remedies or medication like a counter pain reliever.

In severe cases, the physician recommends surgery. Insertion of thin pressure-equalizing(PE) tubes in the infected ear to drain out the extra mucous.

In this way, a person can get rescued from the devastating impacts of a neglected ear infection.

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