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Ear Piercing Chart? A Complete Guide

When we talk about Ear piercing, there are tons of Ear piercing options like Industrial piercing, Helix piercing, Cartilage piercings, Orbital piercings, and many other complex types of ear piercings.

Ear piercing came a long way; according to the researchers, it started about 5000 years ago. It was first found in Otzi mummy, who has piercing in his ears.

Ear Piercing chart

Moreover, earlobe piercings were also found in ancient Egyptians King Tutankhamen’s mummy.

So you can understand that Ear piercing is not a 21st-century discovery; it has a long background and history.

Back in the day’s Ear piercing is a tradition or spiritual belief; some people think that evils are possessed through human ears,

So that’s why they do Ear Lobes piercing for them to leave. Some people believe any metal helps evils stay away from humans,

So they wear traditional metal earrings.

Now, let’s compare traditional piercing to modern piercing. We can see many changes in style

Or types and many different techniques used by Ear piercing specialists today.

We have piercing kits or numbing gels or some other medical solutions or antibiotics that make Ear piercing a lot easier and less painful.

One of the reasons for all these different antibiotics techniques lies in the different types of piercings that we have now.

Back in the day, we have only Lobe Piercing; it might be Single lobe piercings or Dual lobe piercing, but now we have many Ear piercing types,

And all these require piercing specialists who can do all these complex types of ear piercings.

Moreover, with all these complex types, Ear piercing also requires proper aftercare during the healing process to avoid any severe infection.

Some piercing infections cause your piercing hole to close during the healing period.

So you have to follow the proper outline of the aftercare process to avoid any disastrous outcomes.

Most Popular Types of Ear Piercing in 2021

Like we said earlier, there are many types of Ear piercings, and every kind of piercing looks wonderful on its own.

Some piercing types are very common, and most of us hear about them, like the standard lobe piercing that might be single, double, or triple earlobe piercing,

But here we discuss some of the most popular Ear piercings types. All these popular piercing types have pros and cons;

If we talk about cartilage piercing, the healing process is much longer than the Ear lobe piercing or Transverse lobe piercings.

Still, when we look at the final results, then we know that time is worth it.

Here we have the list of some of the most versatile or voguish types of piercings, which is up to the mark in 2021:

Constellation Piercing

Constellation piercing is one of the most popular trends of Ear piercing in 2021.

In Constellation piercing, different placements are chosen for piercing according to the ear structure or client desire; moreover,

The piercing jewelry plays an important role in that type of piercing. Make sure you choose the right Ear piercing jewelry to get the desire final results;

As we said earlier, piercing jewelry plays an important role. So it would be best if you do proper research before getting Constellation piercing

And do not rush; by doing that, you messed up the results. Take your time, find some piercing professionals that match your needs.

Constellation Piercing


Mid Helix Ear piercings look classy if you know what type of Ear piercing earring you have to wear.

Stud earrings suit best for Mid-Helix and if you have traditional lobe piercing, then wear drop earrings in Earlobe;

That combination looks astonishing and up to the mark.


Double Helix

Double helix piercing is trending now; it is observed that double piercing looks terrific. It suits the majority of the ear-piercing combinations.

Whether you have double piercing for Helix or Earlobe, they all look versatile.

But Helix piercing takes some time to recover longer than the standard lobe piercing as they are Ear cartilage piercing,

But once you recovered utterly, you loved the results.

 Double Helix

Mismatched Earrings for Lobe

Triple piercings for Earlobe with different piercing earring posts for each hole look classy, and its popularity spreading like a fire in the bushes.

You love playing with varying jewelry styles for each piercing, and no matter which type of jewelry you wear, they all look beautiful.

Mismatched Earrings for Lobe

Orbital piercings

Orbital piercing is another trending piercing nowadays. There are many types of orbital piercing, and every style is graceful or adaptable.

Orbital piercing can also be seen at the Earlobe, but the famous one is at the ear’s outer rim, which is a type of cartilage piercing or upper cartilage type.

Moreover, one should know what kind of Ear piercing jewelry to wear at orbital piercing, the most favorite ones are the Ball closure rings,

Or you can wear the segment rings but make sure to choose the average ball closure ring to look more attractive eye-catching.

Orbital piercings

Industrial Bar Piercing

Industrial piercing always attracts everyone’s eyes, and that is so obvious if you have a long straight barbell on the outer cartilage of your ear

That attracts everyone’s attention. There are many different styles of industrial bar piercing out there.

Many different barbell styles are also used for industrial piercing, like a curved barbell or a barbell with an arrow style and many more.

Industrial Bar Piercing

Daith Piercing

Daith piercing is another amazing or one of the most beautiful piercing trends, and thanks to Erik Dakota,

The man who came up with an idea of that type of piercing, According to Erik Dakota, Daith piercing suits most of the people that glorify your ear.

Daith Piercing can be achieved by drilling two holes into the inner cartilage of the ear. It is like a hoop the holds the cartilage inside your ear.

Its location is quite awkward. But it reminds us why we have the Association of Professional Piercers.

Rook Piercing

Rook piercing is one of the famous types of cartilage piercing, and it is done in the outer ridge of the inner ear.

Rook piercing shows the evolution of ear piercing that how it evolves from superficial ear lobe piercing to different combinations of ear piercings.

It shows the versatility of piercing professionals.

Rook Piercing

Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is captivating and looks good with different earrings. But it is quite painful and challenging to achieve

Because some people have a small tragus, due to which piercing is very difficult to accomplish on that part of the ear.

The outer edge of the ear canal is the tragus; due to its location, piercing on that area is quite painful.

Moreover, it is more likely to get Ear piercing infections due to its piercing placement,

So it requires daily care or cleansing to avoid any hazardous condition.

Tragus Piercing

Snug Piercing

Snug piercing is done at the location of anti-helix piercings. It is the inner rim of the ear cartilage, and it is considered one of the most painful ear piercings.

Snug piercing preferred jewelry includes traditional tragus jewelry or classic barbells, but you can also wear hoops and rings.

As it is painful, but the results are worth it, and you loved it.

Snug Piercing

Conch Piercing

Conch piercing is another trend that gains so much popularity in a short span of time; it is done in the middle part of the ear cartilage.

Some people wear bezel studs in conch, and they look adorable.

Conch piercing becomes more beautiful and glorifies if you know the assortment of studs in case of having more than one conch piercing.

Here we mainly focus on some of the most popular individual piercings for ear.

Conch Piercing

But it is also seen that many big celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence’s, Bella Hadid, Sienna Miller, even Scarlett Johansson all have different combinations of piercings.

So here we also mention some of the most popular hybrid types of ear piercing combinations too:-

Single lobe + Daith + Helix

Single lobe + Daith + Helix

Flat + Triple lobe

Flat + Triple lobe

Single lobe + Industrial

Single lobe + Industrial

Conch + Helix + Single lobe

Conch +  Helix + Single lobe

Triple lobe + Conch

Triple lobe + Conch

Conch + Helix + Flat

Conch + Helix + Flat

Which Body Piercings Hurt the Most?

There are many parts of the body that are very sensitive, so even a little bit of pain to these parts hurts a lot.

So here we talk about some of the most painful body Piercing, and the first one on the list is Genital Piercing.

Genital Piercing

Your genital parts contain thousands of nerve endings, and even if you are very tolerant of pain, these types of piercings still hurt the most.

Moreover, the pain level depends on the type of genital piercing you want. If we talk about the penis, it has almost 4000 nerve endings,

So now you have an idea how painful these piercings are.

Genital Piercing

Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing is another most sensitive part of the human body. Nipple nerves directly communicate with the brain,

And so for the genital region, that’s why it is very sensitive and hurts a lot.

Nipple piercing

Nose Piercing:

Nose piercing is another painful type of piercing, and just like genital piercing, their pain level also varies on the type of piercing.

According to the piercing experts or people’s opinions, Septum piercing hurts the most that are between your nostrils.

A small hollow needle is used for that purpose, a needle goes through the nostrils, and then a piece of piercing jewelry is inserted.

Nose Piercing

Dermal Piercing

Dermal piercing is another painful piercing because there is another end in your body, and it did not come out like we do other piercings,

Where we have a needle insert from one point and comes out from another point. That means the piercing is done directly into human skin;

That’s why it is also called single point piercing.

Dermal piercing pain depends on the piercing placement; most people get that piercing on their face, collarbone, back of the neck, or lower back.

So that’s why their pain level depends on the piercing placement, like the pain at your face or collarbone is much greater compare to the pain of your lower back.

Dermal Piercing

How Much Do Ear Piercings Cost?

The ear piercing cost is variable depending upon the type of piercing or the piercing studios. But according to some reputed piercing studios,

The average cost of lobe piercing with jewelry is 25$ to 50$, and that is for a single piercing, and for complex cartilage piercing,

It might cost 45$ to 85% dollars. These prices are according to some reputable piercer.

But it would be best to double-check the piercing prices with some other professional piercing studio.

Moreover, piercing prices depend upon the variety of jewelry you choose for your piercing.

If you select some expensive diamond or gold jewelry, their prices also fluctuate with the cost of jewelry.

So you can say that a piece of jewelry or style of jewelry also affects the piercing price. It would be best to choose initial jewelry wisely.

Here is the list of some types of ear piercings with their cost:-

  • Lobe piercing —- 25$ to 50$
  • Conch —- 30$ to 70$
  • Daith —- 35$ to 70$
  • Helix —- 30$ to 60$
  • Tragus —- 30$ to 60$
  • Snug Piercing —- 30$ to 60$
  • Industrial —- 45$ to 85$
  • Orbital —- 45$ to 85$

Final Advice on ‘Ear Piercing Chart’

If we go back to ear-piercing history, we realize how old/ancient its history is.

It was first discovered 5000 years back the mummy name Otzi also known as Iceman; according to the research, mummy ears have piercing on them.

But that is not it; Ear piercing was also found in Egyptian history.

It was proven that the ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamen’s mummy, also known as the pharaoh of Egypt, pierced his Earlobe.

That shows how ancient piercing history was; moreover, Ear piercing is considered a tradition or has religious significance.

Some people believe that piercing helps them stay away from evils, and some think of it as an escape from the bad evils.

In some communities, Ear piercing considers as a symbol of bravery or the sign of children that he becomes a man now.

In Africa, a tribe also know as Samburu, their fighter has to get their ear pierced to be a man;

Their piercing ears show that they have become a man now and are brave.

Moreover, in Borneo, the parents pierced their children’s ears to show that they depend on them.

Like if we talk about Europe or other developed countries, Ear piercing symbolizes fashion, trend, or beauty.

These all things indicate that in every community, they have their meaning of piercing.

The reason for writing Ear piercing history is to let people know how things change their shape with the passage of time.

We have seen many different and creative options for piercing; we have ear piercing stations, ear-piercing studios, and their associations.

We have tons of different, stylish, or expensive jewelry styles that we never think of before, showing how fast the ear-piercing community is growing.

In the end, we hope you learn something from this article; we try out best to provide you all the trending information after doing proper research.

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