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Ear Piercing Care? Proper Tips & Care

Ear piercing is a common thing, and almost every woman has pierced ears. The majority of the women do that in their early childhood

but some wait for their teenage. Although we now have modern technologies, medications, or methods that we do not have back in the day,

There is still room for contagious infection.

But if we compare it to ancient times, there are fewer chances of outer ear infection spreading than now.

The main reason behind that is the study or research factor. People are much more acknowledged, educated, or well-informed now,

Knowing the importance of health and hygiene. They know ear piercing aftercare importance.

Ear Piercing Care

But when we ignore all the necessary precautions and do not take medical advice seriously, then that is where we make ear piercing care mistakes.

Moreover, the infection spread to other parts of the body; some infections cause your ear piercing to close up.

And if fluid is build up in your piercing, then you might require drainage or oral antibiotics.

How To Care For Pierced Ears?

Ear piercing requires great care once it is infected, but if you follow the necessary precautions,

Then that can save you from severe infection in the future; you can follow a simple cleaning routine to avoid any risk of infection.

·Your hands must be clean and dry while touching your piercing, but we recommend that you should avoid touching your ear.

· It would be great if you clean your ears regularly with any mild soap or regular soap.

· Use cotton balls or cotton swabs to clean your pierced ears.

· Use the salt water solution for cleaning, or you can also use hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol.

· Remove your piercing earring while cleaning process, and then clean the piercing hole gently. It would be great if you clean your earrings too.

These are some of the most common cleaning tips but the most effective ones. If you see any signs of infection.

It would be best to concern your doctor immediately because these types of infection can easily be treated by doing common ear piercing care.

But if you neglected them at first, then be ready for their disastrous outcomes.

How to Care for Newly Pierced Ears?

Newley pierced ears require diligent caring and a clean environment.

Most people who get infected after the ear piercing process are those who neglected the aftercare routine.

Newly pierced ears are like a small wound in your ear; it requires proper care or regular cleaning to avoid ear infection.

So to achieve effective piercing or ultimate comfort afterward, you have to follow all the necessary hygienic precautions while healing time.

Here are some of the ultra-fine points that you have to keep in your mind while ear piercing healing process:

  • Do not touch the piercing ear with dirty hands, so make sure you have clean hands.
  • Rinse the piercing wound with saline solution 2 to 3 times per day.
How to Care for Newly Pierced Ears
  • Do not remove your piercing jewelry for a few days to a few weeks because that can cause your piercing hole to close or spread the infection.
  • Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other antibiotics ointment because that might irritate the skin or slow the healing process.
  • Use clean cotton balls or cotton swabs with a cleaning solution to avoid any chance of infection.
  • After cleaning the ear lobe, dry your ear with a clean paper towel.

Follow the above mention daily care routine for few days to few weeks. (Note # That is for newly pierced ear only.)

Ear Piercing Care For Swimmers

The best thing is to avoid swimming for few days to few weeks or until the proper healing time because you have to keep your piercings dry

And clean; if you still swim while you have a newly pierced ear that extends the ear-piercing healing process or might cause infection to prevail.

But these safety measures are for the newly pierced ears. If your ear piercing is completely healed, you don’t need to worry about that.

But make sure you follow the daily cleansing routine to avoid any risk for infection. Also read about prevention from clogging and how to Unclog your ear instantly.

Things To Avoid While Your Ear Piercing Heals

There are few things that you should avoid while your ear piercing is healing. But one thing that you have to keep in your mind.

That ear-piercing has no fixed healing time. Their healing time depends upon the types of piercing you have, earlobe piercing is the one

That heals within 1 to 2 months, but cartilage piercings types like industrial piercings, orbital piercings, conch piercings, daith piercings, etc.

takes 6-9 months or sometimes even a year.

Here are few things that you should avoid:

  • Avoid swimming until your piercing completely healed.
  • Make sure your hands are clean while touching your piercing, but we recommend that you should avoid touching your ear.
  • Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other antibiotics ointment because that might irritate the skin or slow the healing process.
  • Do not remove your stud earrings or piercing jewelry for a few days to a few weeks because that can cause your piercing hole to close or spread the infection.

What To Avoid While Healing An Oral Piercing?

Oral piercing is another trend growing among teenagers; in a short period, oral piercing has gained popularity among teenagers, both male and female.

But due to its popularity, that creates more room for severe diseases. One of the most common diseases caused by oral piercing is hepatitis B.

Oral piercing usually takes 3 to 4 weeks, or sometimes it would extend to 6-8 weeks; in that time, it requires complete care.

So if you are making plans for oral piercing, you have to take all the necessary precautions to avoid any severe disease.

Here are some of the things to be avoided to prevent harmful consequences:

  • Avoid spicy foods and drinks.
  • Avoid human contact like avoid kissing someone.
  • Eat gently, avoid taking big bites of your food.
  • Moreover, while talking, be gentle too.
  • Avoid any hot drinks like tee, coffee, etc.
  • If you are a sportsperson who requires physical contact with others, then use a mouth guard, or it would be better to avoid sports for a few days.

Piercing Aftercare Solution

The best piercings aftercare solutions are a saline mixture; the saline mixture is not our regular salt or tap warm water. Also look how to pop your ears.

It is mild sea saltwater, for that you need non-iodized sea salt, which is available in any pharmacy or grocery stores.

To make a saline solution, you have to take 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of salt and mix it with 1 cup of sterile water.

And the other proper aftercare solutions are Anti-microbial or germicidal liquid soap. You can easily get these aftercare products from any medical pharmacy.

What is an Infected Ear Piercing?

An infected ear piercing seems reddish, swollen, itchy, warm, sore, and tender. Sometimes, the piercing infection oozes white, yellow, or greenish pus.

In a critical after-piercing problem, blood drainage can occur from the infected piercing.

This new piercing is a naked infectious site that can take several weeks in the healing process.

Moreover, germs in the air can cause infection after entering into it and cause pus formation.

Surprisingly, for 3-7 days after ear piercing, the infection does not occur because Bacteria and other microbes need some time to penetrate and cause infection.

How Can I Prevent a Pierced Ear Infection?

Choosing an ear-piercing station to get your ears pierced is most crucial.

A clean and hygienic hospital or clinic having safe piercing environments or piercing professionals helps in smooth and effective piercing.

Moreover, careful observation and proper health care or hygienic piercing service are the dire need of avoiding ear infections/Otitis media after piercing.

However, the following are some precautions to be taken to prevent harmful consequences:

· Never remove your earrings when your ears are newly pierced with a piercing gun.

· Posts should be pure karat gold, surgical steel, nickel-free, or metal like titanium.

· Clean and sanitized cell phones.

· Careful brushing and using chemical-free shampoo for your hair.

· Use a clean and soft pillowcase.

· No active or passive smoking.

· No heavy and dangling earrings putting a Burdon on your ears.

· Piercing jewelry must be sterilized.

What’s The Healing Time?

Their healing time depends upon the types of piercing you have, ear lobe piercing is the one that heals within 1 to 2 months.

But cartilage piercings types like tragus piercing, orbital piercings, snug piercings, rook piercings, etc. take 6-9 months or sometimes even a year.

How Long Does Pierced Ears Take To Heal?

Ear piercings healing time is not fixed; it depends upon the type or the spot where you did piercing.

Like standard earlobe piercings heals the fastest, it would take 4-8 weeks, but any piercing in which ear cartilage involves

It takes almost a year to recover fully.

Here are some of the ear piercing types, and their expected healing time is given:-

· Lobe (2 to 4 months).

· Low Helix (4 to 6 months).

· Helix (6 to 12 months).

· Tash Rook (4 to 6 months).

· Daith (9 to 12 months).

· Conch (6 to 12 months).

· Tragus (4 to 6 months).

· Industrial (9 to 12 months).

· Orbital (6 to 12 months).

What Kind of Jewelry should I Choose After Piercing?

According to ear-piercing specialists, they recommend that you should stick with hypoallergenic jewelry initially.

Because sometimes piercing jewelry reacts with the skin, that causes severe infection afterward.

So it would be best to use stainless steel and titanium-made jewelry or gold that is 14K or above.

When to Consult with the Doctor?

Most of the time, ear-piercing recovers on its within few months, you do have pain for few days, but it is temporary.

But if you see zero improvements after few days or your ear piercing seems reddish, swollen, itchy, and the infection or pain does not improve,

The person needs immediate medical attention. If the infection is handled carelessly and left untreated,

The systemic disease can affect the whole body. So, visit a hospital for your ears must be your priority.

A health checkup is mandatory to ensure the smooth running of your body. Predominantly, the persons in older age need more attention.

Final Advice to do Ear Piercing Care

Although ear piercing is usually safe, it requires care with hygiene for almost 1 to 2 months until it is fully healed.

If you are making plans for ear piercing, make sure to choose a piercing studio wisely.

If piercings are done in a clean environment, using properly sterilized tools, and piercing is done by a professional,

Then you do not have to face a single problem afterward.

So keep that thing in your mind, and in the end, we hope you get some good information about piercing care.

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